360˚ Immersive Filmmaking Workshop, May 26 & 27 @ BCIT





VR/360˚ Filmmaking WorkShop 1.0

Only 44 seats available!

This is a comprehensive 2-day workshop with an in depth step by step breakdown of an tested and proven workflow that has taken 5 years to perfect. Hands-on-training empowers those who really want to create live action immersive experiences. We arm you with the knowledge, tools and skills required to create your very own 360˚videos. Throughout the workshop, the instructor will provide a clear and precise explanation of 360 filmmaking production process; from pre-production to distribution. The educational material includes but not limited to instruction on hardware, software, stitching, which 360 rig to buy, theory, visualization, storyboard, understanding the technology limitations & advantages, difference between virtual reality and 360, plus a whole lot more. This workshop is designed to offer a technical, immersive, and hands on approach to learning this new exciting medium. After the two day course all will have completed a 360 video. Certification upon completion. It is recommended that you have some previous video production experience to maximize the knowledge learned in this workshop.

DAY 1: Theory & explanation of workflow from concept to distribution.  

DAY 2: Students form groups and get their hands dirty creating a short 360˚experience. 

British Columbia Institute of Technology

May 26-27, 2018

British Columbia Institute of Technology

December 9-10, 2017

Emily Carr University

January 28-29, 2017


VR/360˚ Filmmaking Online Course 1.0

Arriving in 2018!

If you are a Filmmaker, this course will save you time money learning a new skill. 

As a Filmmaker you have discovered a new canvas to tell immersive stories and the demand for content is increasing exponentially every year. However, you have realized the creative and technical process is unlike traditional methods and to acquire the education need to master this new craft is spread across the internet, expensive or simply hard to find. Over the past 5 years I have developed 360˚cameras and created 100’s of videos for notable clients across the globe. During this period, I spent a lot of time and money experimenting with the technology which resulted in the accumulation of some very valuable information. Combining my extensive experiences in traditional and immersive filmmaking I have been able to streamline the 360˚video workflow from concept to distribution. 97% of the immersive videos I create for brands uses a simple and easy to follow step-by-step process that I teach in both the M360 online course and workshops.

The current 1.0 course version is ideal for all Filmmakers who want to create scripted and unscripted immersive content to get a solid understanding of the creative and technical processes required from pre production to distribution. The course curriculum is similar to the M360 workshops which offer detailed videos, simple explanations, and easy to understand illustrations that discuss theory and help you to develop the hands on skills needed to create 360˚videos in a demanding and busy production schedule.

Why take?
  • VR/360˚ Filmmaking is unlike traditional filmmaking!
  • Learning a proven step-by-step work flow will save you plenty of time and money!
  • Demand for immersive content grew 800x in the past year and will only increase.
  • Taught by a pioneer with 5 years of VR/360 experience and 18 years of traditional filmmaking.
  • Learn fast, simple and affordable workflow solutions.
Who for?

Filmmakers, Videographers, Journalists, Cinematographers, Camera Operators, Producers, Directors, Productions Companies, Advertising Agencies and anyone interested in learning how to create immersive experiences.

Lesson Plan

Each class includes extensive pre-recorded video content, assignments. Once this course is available, the videos are viewable at any time, and they can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched as many times as you’d like. Below is a condensed lesson plan. 


  • Understand the difference between VR & 360 content
  • VR History
  • Explanation of how 360˚ immersive technology works 
  • What type of content is best for 360˚ viewing
  • Stereo vs Mono
  • Definitions


  • Storyboarding
  • Casting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Location scouting
  • Set decoration
  • Focus on mono (stereo will be available in future versions of this course) 
  • Which 360 camera rig is best for your production
  • Camera operation
  • Codecs, resolutions, data rates
  • Correct camera positioning
  • Optimum placement for actors, hosts, or subject 
  • Lighting
  • Audio (stereo)
  • Tricks and lessons learned from the past 5 years
Post Production
  • Data management
  • Stitching
  • Editing
  • 360 text creation
  • Export setting
  • Tricks and lessons learned from the past 5 years


  • Discover how you can make money right now creating 360˚videos
  • Learn the different distribution options for your content
  • What are the best headsets for viewing 360˚conent

$3,500 in VALUE

  • VR/360˚ Online Filmmaking Course 1.0- $1500
  • Upgrade to version 1.1 for FREE when available- $300
  • Upgrade to VR/360˚ 2.0 for only $99 (availability spring 2018) $500
  • Discounts on stitching software, editing software, cameras and other equipment-$300
  • FREE M360 Membership for 6 months- $300
  • FREE Distribution List– where to upload your videos to-$100
  • FREE pdf on “How to make money with your 360˚ Videos”-$500

I want to make this course the best resource in the world for VR/360 Filmmakers.

I am currently offering the course at a discount to those who are interested in being a Beta Tester.

As a Beta Tester we value your thoughts and opinions giving you a lifetime of updates for FREE!


To obtain the maximum value from the course it is recommended you complete all the modules, videos, and exercises. It is suggested to have the following:

  • Computer with the following specs.
  • External hard drive to store large video files.
  • It is suggested that you have a basic knowledge of video cameras, editing software and computers before taking this course. 
  • We will be utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere and After Effects) for use during the course. 7-day free trial is available on the Adobe site.
  • It is likely to must upgrade your computer operating system to the latest version before using the course.
  • Participants must be comfortable with technical subjects.
  • Access to a 360˚ camera is ideal.
  • Internet connection is required for the course.
  • Access VR headset is ideal. Google cardboard will work.
  • Ideal but not required to have a smart device to watch the 360˚ content
  • Proficiency in English


Course Screen Caps

coming soon


Our courses will be translated to these languages in the order they appear:

  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
Course Review

coming soon

Completion Time?

The course is still being developed and at this time I expect it will take approximately 4-6 hours of total time to complete.

Offer Includes
  • VR/360˚ Online Filmmaking Course 1.0 (aiming to make it avail mid December 2017)
  • Upgrade to version 1.2 for FREE when available
  • Upgrade to VR/360˚ 2.0 for only $99 (availability spring 2018)
  • Discounts on software, cameras and other equipment (we are currently negotiating deals )
  • FREE M360 Membership to an active community of passionate students (Free for 6 months)
  • FREE pdf on “How to make money with your 360˚ Videos” (February 2018)
  • Access to every lesson in the course.
  • Video lessons, takeaways, and assignments.
  • Access to instructor feedback and answers during select times. 
  • Specific tools to help you practice your craft
100% Exclusive

This course is not available anywhere else. 

Exclusive tips and guidance from a pioneer who has been creating immersive experiences for over 5 years.

100% Guarantee
  • I offer a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase.
  • If you Pre-Ordered the course your 30 days starts after the course is made available. 
  • Any cancellations must be sent to  before the 30 days is up.
  • Refunds can take up to 7 business days to process. 
Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the VR/360 Filmmaking online course 1.0.

Why M360?

  • Demand for VR/360˚ content has increased 800X in the past year.

    Experts predict AR/VR/360 will be a $120 Billion industry by 2021.

  • VR/360˚ content creation is much different that traditional filmmaking.

    Upgrade your skills so you know the mind-set, work-flow, tools, and rules.

  • Learn a proven step-by-step workflow that is fast, easy and affordable!

    It took 5 years, 50 prototypes, 100’s of 360˚ videos, plus 18 years of traditional Filmmaking experience to create M360. 


VR/360 Filmmaking is the next dimension in exploration and storytelling. What makes Chris Bedyk one of the great explorers of this new space is not just his pioneering experimentation and production work, but his ability and enthusiasm to bring back and share with others what he’s learned. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to take his Workshop at Emily Carr and get a jump start into one of the most exciting and powerful mediums yet created.

Josh Thome
Josh ThomeNational Geographic Explorer and Filmmaker

“Chris is a talented content creator who employs a unique methodology that results in new and daring VR/360 experiences. The S3D Centre is pleased to be able to partner with him on these unique and innovative filmmaking workshops.”

Alan Goldman
Alan GoldmanEmily Carr University of Art + Design, Adjunct Research Associate

At last year’s CVR conference I watched the Idealens VR hardware group release the first episode of Chris’s series, “VR Wonders of the World”. It generated endless line ups to experience the magical production . He is an incredible innovator, VR filmmaker and visionary.

Jon Malach
Jon MalachNative Ads, CEO

“I attended Chris’s talk at the 2016 Factual West Conference in Vancouver. In 90 minutes, I filled up my note book. He is certainly one of the most innovative, knowledgeable & passionate 360 Filmmakers”

Leia Hutchings
Leia HutchingsVR/360 student


About M360

M360 offers Courses & Workshops that teach VR/360˚Filmmaking with easy to follow instructions and workflows that save time and money! 

Experts predict the AR/VR/360˚ industry will become a $120 Billion industry by 2021. The demand for 360˚content has jumped exponentially over the past year and expected to do so for the next 5 years. This is a huge opportunity for creators. However, the big mistake Filmmakers make when they start to create immersive media is thinking the process is the same as traditional Filmmaking when in fact the differences are too long to list. The internet is flooded with a rabbit hole of information that is not always accurate so if you value your time and money, I suggest taking the line of least resistance by following a path that is already paved with road signs. I have been creating 360˚videos since 2012 and have learned so much that it would be selfish of me not to share. I created M360 as a way to pay it forward to passionate creative Filmmakers so they can start creating immersive experiences as quickly and as affordable as possible. 


About the Instructor: 

Chris Bedyk is a Cinematographer, Immersive Filmmaker and CEO & Founder of Perspective Films. Over the past 18 years he has worked on every type of TV / Film production as a Camera Operator. Since 2013, he has developed numerous 360˚camera rigs and has created 100’s of  captivating experiences for international corporations, Hollywood studios and professional sports teams. Clients include Disney, Vancouver Canucks,  BC Lionsand  Idealens.. His immersive series VR Wonders of the World, received “Official Selection” at the 2017 Vancouver VR film festival. It is currently being distributed with JauntVR and featured in Google Play stores.

 Chris shares his 360˚ filmmaking knowledge through the workshops and online course offered exclusively through Mastering 360.

Chris has been a speaker at many conferences and is an active member of the IATSE 669 the International Cinematographers Guild and the AR/VR Association.